Pastors: Build an Outreach Strategy for Uncertain Times!

Hello Pastors!

Thank you for taking the time to peruse the information on the Michigan FamilyLife® website. I hope we have inspired you in some way! Perhaps to use some of these ideas and materials to grow individuals in their walk with Christ. Perhaps to strengthen the marriages within your church and community. Maybe to form new Godly leaders. Perhaps even to turn your church inside-out; to face the community and offer bible-based enrichment programs.

Especially in today’s “uncertain times,” it’s more important than ever to consider what your church will look like in the coming months and years. It may not be the same as what you had envisioned. Maybe God has a different plan! Whatever that may be for you, it is most certainly going to be different and requires different thinking.

Many pastors are asking themselves questions such as:

  • Will my church continue exist within the building(s) or is it more community-based?
  • How do I keep my current congregation engaged and spirit-filled?
  • What is the right mix of in-person and virtual experience?
  • What biblical messages and programs are the most relevant in today’s challenging times?
  • Will we be losing people and therefore funding?

We don’t have all those answers! What we do know is that many people are struggling and they need their church community more than ever. We also think that there is an opportunity to draw more people IN, through OUTreach.

To help those inside and outside of your congregation, consider some of the topical areas addressed throughout this website. Being more at home, people need access to these bible-based resources, either through virtual small groups or “on demand” access. Fortunately, technology can help with that!

We would love to pray with you and partner with you to see what God has in mind for you and your church. There are so many possibilities, it is endless and limitless as to what God can do! What you see on this website is just a sampling of ideas that may help. You may have others as well.

Some areas to consider and pray on:

Parenting is an area that couples need a lot of help with right. School is looking like it may be a lot different in the future. Juggling 2 jobs, housework, home-schooling, and homework is making parents very stressed. A good parenting small group bible study may be able to give parents new insights and sense of God’s priorities!

Marriages are more stressed than ever. Especially in today’s dual income world, not many have time to explore true Marital Oneness. Many churches are experiencing a divorce rate similar to that of the unchurched. It doesn’t have to be that way! A virtual small group on the Art of Marriage or Vertical Marriage may be a good way to start the mind-set change towards God’s purpose for marriage.

Finances, especially in these uncertain times, are placing a toll on many families. Many financial resources abound, but which one? Many finance programs are too costly for those that are struggling. There are some low-cost options available. When people follow solid biblical financial advice, tithing rates go UP! We are very willing to help in this area.

Business owners and executives have a unique opportunity to build their businesses for the Kingdom. Many just don’t know how to do it. Businesses owners need more Godly help than ever! Consider a small group focused on bringing our Lord into their business plans. After all, it belongs to Jesus! Companies that are building the Kingdom here on earth are doing extremely well!

Men need to be bible-strong to enable a strong Godly family and thriving church. Many men are struggling with what Godly leadership is and how to perform in a dual income environment or blended family environment. We need to retrain men to be bold and take authority – God’s way!

One large inhibitor is pornography. If this is an issue within your church (statistics say that it is), consider a specific mens program to tackle this issue head-on.

Blended Families make up about 60% of the population. They have a whole lot of different issues. We can’t leave them behind! With a range of extended family members giving “advice,” it’s more important than ever to provide a biblical foundation for these families that address their specific needs. We are a blended family ourselves! Each one is different so we don’t have all the answers, but we understand many of the issues. We would love to minister in this area.

Pre-marrieds are trying to figure out the dating scene and often don’t have a clue what a Godly relationship is all about. A couple of books and a few well thought out questionnaires may help your engaged couples learn more deeply about each other. And may help you assess early on where they may need some nurturing in their marriage.

Mentoring is an area many of us are weak on yet it is critical to growing new leaders in your church and community. We can help with a very impactful weekend retreat. We have taken this and it changed our whole life direction. See the event schedule or call us to schedule one near you soon.

These are just some areas to consider on how to nurture, encourage and impact those in your congregation and surrounding community. You may have some ideas of your own. Maybe God has planted some seeds and you just need to brainstorm with someone to start “thinking different…”

We would love to pray with you and brainstorm with you! Contact us and let’s see what God can do!