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…when men step up in leadership, great things happen! Knowing God’s purpose for men as husbands, fathers, and leaders in the community and ultimately a stronger family unit and a stronger America.

View this 1-min video to see how every man stumbles, but a Courageous Man will “Step Up” to lead, influence, impact, be of relevance, and finish well:

Stepping Up Small Groups

“Stepping Up” is a 10-week small group video series. You can participate in an existing group or start a study group in your neighborhood. Materials are available from the FamilyLife® website here:

Stepping Up small group materials

Struggling with Pornography?

Pornography is prevelant, even in the church. Help is available. With intense re-programming of your neuropathways, accountability partners, and with God’s grace, there are real and proven strategies for FREEDOM…


Mens small group bible study and more: Conquer Series website

Covenant Eyes software, Covenant Eyes

Other software ranked very high by “The Catholic Gentlemen:” Software Ranking.