Don’t Feel Like a Parenting Expert?

You’re in the neighborhood club! But there are more resources available than just your friends, family and neighborhood parents. Consider taking a look at making faith the core of your parenting. There are resources, tools, and articles that can help you become that special parent within your home and among your friends.

What does God expect of us as parents? Aiming your child’s heart toward God!…and there is an instruction manual! (2 1/2-min video):

FamilyLife® has a variety of parenting tools for you to check out. Whether you just want some one-on-one advice or to take a small group course, we can get you pointed in the right direction. When you are ready, you may want to consider being a small group leader yourself! We can help you walk through that journey.


A host of parenting articles that you can filter by topic such as single parenting, discipline and spanking, and character development Parenting articles

Want to join a small group? Check out the program materials here and then contact us:
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